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So odd they don't seem to have had any contingency strategy in place after the previous outage...

Anyway, your point about commoditization (sp?) is spot on. Blogspot-on. Granted, Blogger has become a steaming pit of spammy poo (or about 50% of it has) but I think in principle a separate service like TypePad doesn't have longevity as a business concept, even without the slip-ups.

It just makes more sense that free/cheap hosted blogs will end up on Yahoo, Google, etc, while the do-it-yourself crowd will self-host and use open software.

I think 6A (or at least their VC backers) know this and are thinking of a future in which they belong to Yahoo... which, as you noted, is a bit tricky when your tech falls down.

Meanwhile Yahoo has its own mixed history, with Flickr mostly still running well (good) and Oddpost having been effectively eviscerated to support their mistaken e-mail strategy (bad). Since Google didn't do very well with their blog acquisition, Yahoo can get a competitive upper hand there if they act fast *and* carefully.

If I were Yahoo and thinking about buying 6A, I'd throw some infrastructure at them first... basically put the Yahoo operations team behind TypePad for six months and see if they can make it stop breaking; if yes, acquire, if no pull out.

Pure speculation... ;-)

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