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vinnie mirchandani

I like SaaS offerings - like the low maintenance, like the recurring fee model...appexchange is a great start. but it needs a lot more vertical and horizntal apps to be truly attractive. May be they should go to some of the "living dead" companies and offer to convert their products in to SaaS offerings...

Jason Wood

Vinnie, the summary is appreciated, I've appended it to my main post. I find it interesting [but not surprising] that platform, platform, platform was the message and yet the reality doesn't really meet the perception. While I think AppExchange is intriguing, some of the hyperbole I've seen [one headline was AppExchange is here and our world will never be the same] is far too over the top to be taken seriously. Would you agree?

Vinnie Mirchandani

my viewpoint from the conference if you are interested...


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