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Zoli Erdos

Jason, I take all the enthusiasm back. Whats the point in a Web application storing its files on your PC only? That was a huge oversight on my part - they are now off my WebOffice list :-(

Jason Wood


Fair enough. I tried to access the Americas server this morning and, sure enough, I finally got on. Not sure I see it as any great shakes, but it seems functional enough if you don't happen to have MS Paint handy.

Zoli Erdos

Jason I really think it's a different story. Your issue with ajaxWrite was that it's really not a Word-killer. Personally, I haven't even checked that one, since I am quite happy with Writely, which, btw. is not a Word-killer either. At least not as far as functional richness goes. But - and I had this dispute with Scoble - a large majority of users don't use all the power of Word, but are "forced" to buy it for compatibility reasons. For these users a light app could be a replacement 90% of the time.

Back to ajaxSketch: I've seen some references on another blog that after the announcement the US server was unavailable, only the European was up, but rather slowly. I guess it comes with being small but suddenly popular:-)

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