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Will be interesting to know how much Google paid for Writely.

Jason Wood


I don't, for a second, doubt that Google is both a) rounding out a suite of Office-like apps for the web and b) doing so with the intent of "competing" with Microsoft.

My main issue is that this shouldn't be surprising to anyone NOR should we overreact as to the significance of this "competition" anymore than people react when Microsoft "competes" in enterprise applications, or security, or database, etc...

Google has a wondrous franchise, that putting stock price aside, is going to be a money machine for a long, long time.

But so does Microsoft.

People really need to take a step back and understand the dynamics of who uses all those millions upon million of copies of Word, PPT, Excel...where they use them...how they use them...and what it would take to change that behavior on a massive level.

The best thing about Google's move to buy Writely is that it's compatible with Word. Cooperation, not competition, is the only way purchases like this are going to become revenue generators for GOOG long-term, in my opinion.


Niel Robertson

What i find interesting is that slowly people are building web based equivalents of the MS Office suite and getting picked off. While i forget the name, a company that basically built Outlook on the web got picked off as well not so long ago, and now a Word competitor. Who will be the first to create online PowerPoint (actually not a bad idea)?

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