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James  Governor

thanks Jason.

true enough re fruit trees- but there have been an awful lot of marley false dawns - i mean ziggy wasn't exactly inspired. but damien definitely has some of the swing and ear for a great arrangement that marked Bob's work. its nice to hear a song where being a prostitute is not put forward as an aspiration...

Jason Wood


RedMonk is doing good work, keep at it. I still think there's value in the Gartner model; but there are definitely areas where others (such as yourself) are offering very compelling alternatives, for a more economical model to boot.

Oh, and Damien IS doing some good stuff, nice to see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

James  Governor

and on another note- Jamrock - damien is doing some good stuff.

James  Governor

We're all happy to put the squeeze on Gartner. Thanks for the link to the Iweek story

Jason Wood

Dennis...just remember that kindness when my wife and I make our next trip to Spain and need a local host.

Vinnie...as part of the "Brotherhood," your success puts a smile on my face.

Ramana...I think you're right. At the risk of using a cliche, it's a question of "when, not if?" But digging down a bit further, I think it's an issue of equilibrium. Certainly there will be a place for institutionalized industry research for a long, long time to come. But there are inefficiencies in that market (lots of them) and bloggers and small agencies with deep domain expertise can help fill in the white space. Ultimately I think it makes for a more efficient market on both sides.


The media aspects of this are less pertinent to the title than economic and business aspects, as you cover nicely. Abstracting this, is this not the standard social progress of making products or services cheaper enabled by innovation? Stable structures (with their overheads) at current price point are challenged by new ways of producing comparable-enough products.

viinnie mirchandani

Dennis does not know what he is talking about...but thanks for the kind words -)

Dennis Howlett

Kind words Jason - much appreciated.

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