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Thanks for this summary chaps.

In terms of the overlap, or not, between the platforms (and markets for components) that SAP and Oracle are seeking to create, and SF.com's efforts, I think you'll find that SAP and Oracle have every intention of targeting ISVs of every size and shape, including those targeting the SME world. Therefore, they compete (or will do) directly against SF.com (as well as MBS, Sage, etc). Surely, that's one of the key benefits of them building compartmentalized and flexible software architectures.

Listen to Shai Agassi describe the SAP vision at the Sandhill conference (http://www.sandhill.com/conferences/sw2006_videos.php) and tell me he doesn't have the world's SMEs in mind as well.


vinnie mirchandani

Charlie - we knew you were in to hand cuffs...-)

Jason, really top notch quality - the discussion and the notes...

Dennis Howlett

This is an excellent summation Jason - no arguments at this end. It will be interesting to see the response from the SAP/AE communities.



I'm 99.9% sure that's what you said (that's what I have written anyway). Happy to edit the comment if you think I misquoted you though!

Charlie Wood

Did I really call the sforce API "subservient"? Wow, I'm more messed up than I thought I was.



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