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Brian Bolan

Did you purchase the report?
Just wondering.

By the way, don't I look stupid coming out with a BUY on YHOO on 7/14/06 only to downgrade the stock to a HOLD today. Surprised that only 3 others downgraded the stock (rochdale, JP Morgan, Pac Crest).

How is everything else going?


In the advertsing world you have to look at click fraud through the lens of every other form of fraud in audience capture. (I don't know the terms of art.)

I do know that magzaine circulation figures make the figures you mentioned look like rounding errors. I haven't done it, but I'd bet you'll see interesting stuff (including some fraud accusations and potential indictments if you type "circulation fraud" inot a search engine.

Same thing goes for television audience capture.

Options gifting, payoffs and honorairia (spelling) to doctors conducting clincial testing, press releases spinning wool into gold, yada yada yada....

Isn't everything some form of manipulation?

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