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I share you stance (both as a defender and a tired one at that), and wonder how long until Google is passe. People may laugh but if you track how must faster innovation moves along the curve, the logic should extend into the next phase of the maturity cycle. If it took 20 years for Microsoft to get too gluttonous, it theoretically should take Google about 10 years or so, right? :)

Chris Selland

Interesting but you really think that e-mail was 'internal'? Puh-leeze. Benioff plays the media like a harp.

As for Microsoft, I've been a long time fan and defender, but I'm really starting to lose confidence. Last few Microsoft products I've tried (such as Windows Mobile 5.0) have been extremely disappointing. Microsoft is rapidly becoming IBM - they even bought Lotus (at least they got the brains - IBM just got the body).

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