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Mark Crofton

I ran into the outtage yesterday when I was trying to post a comment on your blog. Uuhh! Tried for the better part of half an hour, not sure if it ever stuck.

Dennis Howlett

Hate to say it Jason but I was so sick of TP hosing my site I came off last year. I tried to engage with Anil Dash on this but he shied away.

Their last funding round was supposed to be - in part - to allow for new data center stuff. that wasn't the point. They simply don't understand scaling issues. I don't know what the cause was on this occasion but I doubt things have changed that much.

I've been with Wordpress ever since (NOT WP.com - can't get to hosted data as far as I know and doesn't support JS) and never regretted it.

I've only ever had one serious problem and that was a DB screw up that my provider rectified within 10 minutes of pinging a support message. Any other problems have been due to the way I was trying to squeeze every last drop out of plug-ons.

In recent times, I've helped a few of my readers migrate or set up. Glad to offer a hand if you feel the urge to say sayonara.

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