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vinnie mirchandani

Jason, any revised thoughts now that IBM is going after amazon?

Dennis McDonald

I recommend reading the whole report especially the section on "valuation." The basic thrust of the whole report is to increase the openness of the entire patent process, not just the front end "prior art" research that is addressed by the Peer to Patent project. My review is here:


Is IBM committing to doing this with 100% of their patent applications? If so, that's impressive. If not, it becomes a tool of convenience for them, where patents that they want to remain secret still go through the conventional process (that is, publish after 18 months).

vinnie mirchandani

Jason, I actually would like to see more patents - meaningful ones and not just for trolling.

What's interesting is how little of IBM's services and software revenue - almost 75% of revs is driven by new patent (or now patented) driven innovation (as you know their s/w growth comes mostly from acquisitions) Much of its advanced R&D is around supercomputing, RFID etc which makes up less than 10% of IBM revenues.

They spend only 6% on R&D but market quite a bit about innovation...see my posts below



Patented or not, for the dollar customers should be seeing more innovation and forward progress...

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