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Thomas Otter

Hi Jason/David.
I posted about an interesting small but global company project with a difference, on good old ERP today- may interest. http://theotherthomasotter.wordpress.com/2006/10/20/you-find-sap-in-the-most-unlikely-places/
Nothing like a real live customer to put things in perspective.

Here inside SAP there is a heathly paranoia about competition, whether in the platform space or in the application world.

Perhaps I could remind your merry bad of readers what teched is for? It is mainly aimed at the SAP development community, it isn't a Sapphire or an analyst event.

SAP teched'06 is all about getting folks to innovate with the SAP apps and tools, get the SOA story out there, so this naturally ends itself to an ERP2005 focus, which is the flagship.

I have said before that my SaaS tip is ADP. It is one of the few companies that run services really profitably (and has been doing since day dot), and SAP is now a big part of ADP's core global offering.

SAP can learn lots from SDFC, and it will. Many vendors dismiss SAP as a dinosaur, but more often than not ends up being the meteor.

I reckon Peter Graf knows exactly what he is doing. He is one of the brightest people in this space that I know.

You are right to highlight the partner friction problem.

I'm looking forward to reading more posts about innovation at teched, cool development in rich application UIs and so on, and less about the pr.

David Terrar

Hi Jason,
You've hit the point exactly. I'm sure there are people internally in SAP that understand the real threat of SfDC, and the real opportunity of SaaS in the mid market, but at the moment some of the SAPpers talking to the outside world either don't understand or have got the messaging wrong. As I saw from TechEd, they have plenty of ammunition to counter or contrast AppExchange with facts and figures, rather than dismissing it with less than accurate commentary.

One other thing on their messaging that baffles me (which I'll post about later today). At TechEd ALL of the focus was on mySAP ERP 2005. When A1 or B1 were asked about, they were given brief one-liner replies. The senior EVPs that I asked said that they didn't want to shift focus from SAP's main message, but if you say "the B1 strategy is unchanged" to a blogger/reporter and absolutely nothing more, my first suspicion is that it's a product that's past its sell by date. Off-line they seemed to be arguing that wasn't the case, but it's another way they are leaving themselves open to attack.

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