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vinnie mirchandani

you capture both events very well. What you failed to describe was the CIO irritation and angst with incumbent, large vendors. I had to coach and edit slides of both John and Dave on my Sandhill panel to stay focused on innovation and not beat up too much on SAP, Oracle, Accenture ...if they are skpetical of newer vendors and models it is because they are sore...

David Terrar

That's a fascinating contrast I wish I'd been there at Enterprise 2006. I'm hoping that next year's Office 2.0 Conference can blend some of the two together and have much more input from CIOs and business users. One of the ingredients O20con lacked was real world, customer case studies and experiences, and many of the software demos didn't have good enough examples (some of the immaturity you mention). The sector is at an early stage, but the energy and innovation is very evident.

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