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Jeff Grosse

Nicely written retort. After reading Josh's post the other day, I was rather irritated at the unusual correlations that Josh seemed to be imagining between Siebel and Salesforce. Thank you for speaking up as I'm much more in line with your thinking than that of Josh. Nonetheless, it's good that the discussion goes on as it makes us all look for truth in the media...social or traditional.


Joshua Greenbaum


Well-done, from one curmudgeon to another. But I respectfully disagree, and have said so here: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Greenbaum/?p=119.


Bert Armijo

Salesforce will face increasing threat, but not from Oracle and SAP.

By my calculations their typical subscriber has only a handful of users, so these will never go to large enterprise vendors. Rather, they'll face pressure from providers who leverage open source and new utility computing models to reach this cost sensitive audience.


outstanding post - beautifully done

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