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Susan Scrupski

Hey Jason, I've just started the Twitter thing too. It's a novelty right now, but I have to admit, it's just plain fun. Part voyeuristic, part true engaged community... it offers a different, more casual way to interact with people you respect. You get bit stream of personality data all day long, plus it provides a continuous stream of learning.

Dennis Howlett

Jason - I am partially with you on this. I'm realizing that to date what I've really wanted to do is use these media in a well controlled fashion. Heck - I'm enterprisey after all! Twitter challenges that in a kind of brute force way. That's scary. Even so, I AM finding business use cases.

Joe Tao

Twitter is up to you, it could be either, depending on your ability.

As for me, it is revolutionary, it has put me in touch with people that I have not had such instant access to before. It gives me an edge and has already exposed me to opportunities that had not existed before twitter.

The ability to add anyone to your friends list is where the mani jewel can be found by those with the intuition to do so in an informed way.

Alas though, some people don't get it and will miss the boat entirely.

Anshu  Sharma

"In the enterprise world, we would call this (Twitter) "Event Driven Architecture" or some such lame term...." was supposed to be tongue in cheek. After all if you see what FedEx and Wal-mart do today with packages and shipments, it would put Twitter and many a web2.0 apps to great shame.

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