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Dennis Howlett

Shows how slow I am...only just seen this - time for some thinning out. Agree on removing TechCrunch, Engadget. Never read Valleywag (to say Nick Denton was with the FT makes me blush with shame). Scoble? I still get a lot from his video stuff but did I really need all that detail about the birth of his son? And do I really need the mutual mental masturbation with Calacanis/Winer etc stuff?? Nah.

You do the investment blogs far better than most so...

A few of the 'guys' have been taking time out and that's a very good thing, especially if writing isn't your prime thing.

Looking forward to saying 'hello' this coming week.

Mike Masnick

Hey Jason,

Wow! Thanks for the *way* too kind words...

Glad to have you back again.


Ben Casnocha

Great post. I agree thinning out regularly is a good thing to do. Hope all is well, Jason.


Welcome back.



Welcome back! Your posts have always been thoughtful and incisive, and we've missed them.

Michael Krigsman

Nitin Goyal

Nice to see you back in form. Look forward to the review of the Oracle Results call on September 20.

All the best!

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