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Josh Neumann

I completely agree, just about everybody I know it seems blames their lack of success in life on somebody else, and very few peopele take responsibility for their lives anymore.

We've become a country of whiners, where everything that happens to us is always someobdy else's fault. Thanks for the post, keep bringing these issues to light.

Jason Wood


I don't entirely agree. Assigning blame is easy, actually ferreting out those legitimately culpable is entirely another. But when the entirety of the ecosystem has their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, I'm unclear as to how it doesn't become a secondary issue.

David Merkel, Alephblog.com

Blame exists to deter repeating the problem. If the problem can't be repeated, blame isn't useful; if the problem can be repeated, it is useful, because you are halfway to a solution.

Jason Wood

Vinnie, you're right of course. It's the old 'do as I say, not as I do' and it's become systemic in our country [and others to be fair].

vinnie mirchandani

Great analogy about apportioning who's at fault

We have unfortunately created a system where it's ok to negotiate down to 10% of your IRS past due taxes, it's easy to run up credit card balances and negotiate them down, it's easy to buy 2nd and 3rd houses when you can barely afford the first. The penalty of doing so is too light for the borrower and the lender.

The average citizen is upset because they see over and again irresponsible borrowers and lenders get bailed out and they - as taxpayer - picks up the tab.

What's the incentive to staying honest when all around you everyone appears to not be?

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