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Jason Wood


I suspected as much which is why I directed the headline to call out TechCrunch and not you guys. Great to hear that you, and many like you, have the right perspective. You work for a great company that is going to not only survive but get better in this tough environment. You're fortunate.

An annoyed Googler

Do not think Techcrunch is even somewhat accurate in its depiction of the mood of Googlers. Speaking for myself (and many of my friends that I've chatted with lately about this), we're still extremely happy to be working at Google. Good colleagues, interesting projects, and cool perks. I plan on staying at Google for the long term.

So no, Googlers aren't being whiney babies right now, despite what the slow-news-day Techcrunch site might have you believe.


Great points indeed. The startup I'm advising just cut almost everyone's hours and will be in cash preservation mode for quite some time. The employees hurting a lot more than the Googlers. Focusing on the big picture, there are folks in much more precarious industries that will be losing their jobs altogether.

Chris Selland

well said

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