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vinnie mirchandani

Jason, in different days this process has helped bring personal catharsis for many of us - I blogged about it Sunday below. The campaign has broken so many taboos and stereotypes...or at least we should hope so...the ugliness about Obama and Palin shows it's just below the surface


Jason Wood

Bill - I couldn't agree more. I remember as a kid arguing about tolerance and racial inequality with older relatives and finally realizing one day it's a generational thing.

Our generation [or a good chunk of it] tried hard not to be racially biased. Our kids generation appears, at least before they're exposed to the broad morays of the world at large, to not consider ethnicity as a qualifier in the first place.


Just Bill

I just had a very similar conversation with my six (almost seven) year old daughter this morning. It is really exciting to see kids so young be interested in the process, and also nice to see that perhaps they will be the first generation to be raised in a country where the color of your skin is TRULY not an issue.

Jason Wood

Thanks Andrew, the moment was something to behold. And as someone who is often critical of the media and the inherent bias in reporting, I found the ability to see with my own eyes the positive reactions around the country and the world, thanks to the media, to be enlightening.


Great, great take - the part about your kid voting really struck me - my son (7 in a week) had the same thing happen.

To HAVE to explain to him why tonight made my wife and I cry is a blessing in and of itself...

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