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Thanks for contributing Susan. I agree, that's why we need to be mindful of the DURATION of this transition. We can't rationally correct 2 generations of behavior in a matter of months, regardless of the velocity of the financial losses we incur. People need to accept that many of the consequences are permanent, and adjust accordingly.

We're a great nation, and I have faith that we can excel again, but not without [unfortunately] more pain first.

Susan Kuhn Frost

Yes, I think self-employment (for good or for bad) will skyrocket coming out of the recession. Also downsizing of lifestyles. Harder times are ahead, no question.

But it is more the adjustment to change that hurts so much, and is harder to take as you get more established (and have responsibilities, illnesses, etc.)

We have two tasks:

accepting our financial losses with grace (after discharging all the righteous anger that needs to be expressed), and

finding *within ourselves* and *in the company of others* a new way to live. A tall order when the rug of your life has been pulled out from under you -- but that is the challenge we have been given.

That's the only realistic recession-proof approach to this crisis, in my view.


The short answer is, "yes." Dennis, I've been saying for some time that one of the problems exacerbating this tsunami is the generational aspect. An entire generation of workers/earners have been conditioned to believe their personal wealth always goes higher, that it's an inalienable right to own property, and that recessions are short and shallow.

Company managements are no different. They don't know how to react to SUSTAINED and PROLONGED economic uncertainty.

Sad, but true.

Dennis Howlett

But all I am seeing is mindless 20% across the board cuts with almost zero imagination thrown into the management mix. Have we trained our people so poorly that they can't think outside any of the boxes?

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